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In this site contain Offense BGs attacking method, Defense BGs attacking method and BGs reward calculation I given the detailed explanation and example also provided for BGs attacking method. This site help you to increase your army and save many troops with proper way of attacking BGs.


As an honorable Lord of Stormfall, you will need to form your Castle into an effective fortification for you and your kin. You will be called upon to protect it from steady adversary assaults, and must utilize its quality to apply impact over your opponents. Your Castle will be the wellspring of your riches and assets, the heart of your armed force, and the focal point of your developing area. How you decide to redesign, create, and redo your Castle is dependent upon you – yet realize that your decisions will focus your possibilities of accomplishment upon the combat zon


In the eminence days of Stormfall, the recorders and mages comprehended numerous mysteries now lost to us. Mastering these Lost Arts will give you an edge over your rivals by permitting you build new structures, prepare new units, and wield legendary mammoths and fearsome motors of war against your adversaries. You will need to gather old Scrolls to sort out every Lost Arts. Every day you play the amusement your Scribe will interpret one Scroll, yet you might likewise exchange Scrolls with different Lords at your Market and your House of Scrolls. Keep in mind that most Lost Arts can be moved up to expand the execution of their individual units and buildings.


You must figure out how to precisely deal with three primary Resources (Iron, Gold, and Food) on the off chance that you wish to be triumphant. As you start your trip your Castle will oblige Farms, Townhouses, and Mines to supply your war exertion. Exchanging with different Lords at the business for required Resources will be crucial, as the quantity of Resource fields in every Castle is distinctive. Keep in mind to enhance your Resource creation by overhauling your Resource structures and building the Dungeons and the Forge. All your gathered Gold and Iron will be put away in your Warehouses – so keep in mind to overhaul them to oblige your generation. Keeping up your troop will oblige an unfaltering supply of Food from your Farms. Every unit has its own particular hourly sustenance utilization, and may betray you on the off chance that you can't encourage them. Assemble Barns to stockpile Food in times of shortage, and the Spring of Life to expand the creation rate of your Farms. A finesse Lord won't depend singularly by and by generation, yet will wander through his Castle doors to attack and lay attack to opponent Castles to supplement his needs. You might likewise decide to utilize Diplomacy to wheel and deal for Resources with your Friends and Allie.